Quick Tips When Towing

When you are towing anything of significant weight you must drive carefully, smoothly and be highly aware of your surroundings. When towing anything that may outweigh the towing vehicle you must fully understand that it will greatly affect the performance of the vehicle. Acceleration, braking and cornering will be affected in their respective ways. You should always “create more space” when towing because you will definitely need more room for braking, braking distance is increased dramatically when you are towing a heavy loaded trailer. You should also turn smoothly and not jerk on the steering wheel what so ever to ensure that you and your truck maintain proper traction, do not brake too hard into a turn lest you find yourself wrecked.

Towing ProfessionalEvery vehicle has its respective towing capacities and those limits should always be respected. Just because your vehicle has enough power to pull the weight does not make it safe to drive. If you neglect to obey the vehicles towing limits and cause any sort of accident or cause property damage to government or private land you may find yourself liable for the damage claims because your insurance company will most likely find that you ignored the towing capacity limits. You are also in danger of being fined, arrested and or having your vehicle impounded because you are driving over the weight limit, something the CHP does not take lightly.

You can find you vehicles towing limits on the VIN placard located on the inside door jam on the drivers side. This a handy placard that displays axle weight limits as well as recommended tire pressure which is sometimes different for the front and the rear axles. If you are a newcomer to towing a trailer then start off light and small until you get the hang out it. There is great benefit to starting off slow and a light load is much more forgiving than a heavy and massive load. You may save yourself many griefs.

Obey the rules of the road and basic towing guidelines and you while definitely be on your way to having a fun and fulfilling new hobby. Whether it be towing a camping trailer or a boat, it is always a good time.

If you have read all the requirement and guidelines and you don’t feel like towing is for you but you still need something moved then call a local towing company. They can provide you with professional service and an experienced driver. Good companies also provide other helpful services such as car key replacement.